Accompanying program

Kampa – Family zone

Program for kids and families
Unusual entertainment

Sports activities


Badminton courts with complete service will be built on a grassy surface for all lovers of this timeless sport.

Spin ladder

Swedish variation of petanque that gained high popularity in a relatively short time.

Climbing wall

Smaller bolder with experienced instructor for children.

Elements crew zone

DJ school for the littlest ones (DJ Ezop), break-dance and hip-hop lessons (Radek Brusch), beatboxing and hosting (Michal Nedvěd aka Jesus, triple world champion in electric boogie).

Theatre scene

Saturday 25. 6.

Toy Machine

Puppet and object theatre. Unusual play with ordinary objects of everyday life. Attempt to draw back the original approach to puppet acting from the good old days. Fairytales both for kids and adults.

Czech legends
Life in the era of Forefather Čech. Did the Czech hero Bivoj look like a toothpick? Was the princess Libuše only beautiful and nothing else? Yes, there are a lot of questions but no need to be desperate. The age-old archives will give out their secrets.

Sunday 26. 6.

Trakař Theatre: Street theatre

Street settlements with lots of fun, songs and puppets. Poetry and pantomime, family theatre.

Two knight-errants
Spanish university of riding a horse. Target hit in a full gallop. Finished with a real tournament duel. Origin in folk games typical for jousting and annual fairs.
3×20 minutes

NGO square

Borůvka o.p.s.

Products from Czech sheltered workshops.

Eduin o.p.s.

Which profession shall we prepare our children for? We will help you learn more about the professions of the future.

Člověk v tísni

Development quiz with interesting prices, information about the situation of the developing countries, the international development cooperation and the relations of today´s globalized world.

Nová škola o.p.s.

Give us your book choice – we will use it when developing reading of socially and culturally disadvantaged children.


Illustration of humanitarian aids, incl. virtual tour in the refugee camp Zaatari in Jordan, mini-workshops for children, sale of dolls and giftware of UNICEF.

Život 90

Try out Gerontologic suit – a suit that weights nearly 20 kilograms and consists of several parts which simulate worsened vision, partial deafness, limited mobility, worsened breathing, impaired fine motor activity, loss of muscle strength, stiffness of joints, and feeling of dependence on other people´s help.

Sue Ryder

The Sue Ryder charity shops accept and sell donated items – quality clothes, gift items, furniture, home ware and many other items.

Nová Akropolis

Creative workshop with painting on archeological reproductions or philosophical quiz.


Cooperation with the 9th year of the festival of Portuguese language “Lusófona” organized by the Portuguese center in Prague. Introduction of the culture and art coming from different cultural areas which are connected by their language, Portuguese.


Czech non-profit organization that has been engaged in environment protection for a long time.

Hašle z.s.

Organization that helps children with medical and physical disabilities already for 3 years.

Slunečnice o.p.s.

We employ people with medical disabilities in our sheltered cafeteria Maňána and we realize leisure-time and sports activities in our art studio and in our bowling club.

Baby office

Kubík´s children´s corner

Small garden with requisites and cognitive game, tactile game, puzzle for up to 20 children at one time, maze.


Traditional and rewarding fun at every family event. Spiderman, pirate or princess on faces of happy children.

Where to go with children

Entertaining trampolines and games for children.

Střelecký island – chill-out zone

Undemanding leisure time activities


Finish throwing game where players need to knock down the pins.


Swedish royal game. The goal is to throw down as many cubes in a rival´s field as possible. For 2 up to 8 players.


Traditional game known mostly from France for rent.


Organization supporting injured bats in the wild.

Kinský garden – modern zone

Program for lovers of movement and personal development

Sports activities

Workout construction

Construction where all visitors can try their own abilities as well as the possibilities of this modern sport, exhibitions of professional trainers.

Poledance area

Single pole: body toning, mind cleaning, gymnastics – you can get all this with pole dance.

Krav maga

Demonstrations, workshops and basic advices from the world of this Israeli self-defense.

Modern self-defense

A complex self-defense system based on uncompromising elimination of an aggressor in case of attack, but it also focuses on prevention and first-aid basics.

Bodybuilding zone

Gizkometres, in body, nutrition counseling, training plans counseling.

Theatre scene

Theatre group Divadlo v Kufru

Theatre for kids, yet rather played with them. The plays have actors, puppets as well as live music instruments.

Classical fairytale about fox, peas and a boy who just wanted to play a little.
40 minutes

Prague tours

will please not only Czech visitors but also foreign festival-goers.

Porta Praga

For 30 persons, in Czech only.

To Kampa for a while Saturday  25. 5.
Walk around one of the most beautiful urban islands.
Meeting point at the Lesser Town Bridge Towers at 2 pm.
Duration up to app. 3:30 pm.

Walking tour in the Kinský garden Sunday 26.06.
Walk around the remarkable garden which stretches out to the Petřín hill.
Meeting point in the middle of the Kinských square (náměstí Kinských, Smíchov municipal district) by a fountain in front of the Justice Palace at 2 pm.
Duration up to app. 3:30 pm.

Prague Alternative Tours

Unusual Prague walking tours which outline the modern history of Prague from the Velvet revolution.
Conducted in English for up to 15 persons for 1,5 hrs.
Look for guide with black umbrella with colored spots and sign Prague Alternative Tours.

Saturday 25.06. at 4 pm
Meeting point in front of the Lennon wall.


Social enterprise that enables people to experience the world from a homeless perspective.
The tour will be held only on Saturday at 7 pm, meeting point in front of the Museum of Kampa.