Club Night attracts again with fresh names

Although this year’s United Islands of Prague being held already this weekend surprised by its shift to the celebrating Karlin city district, the certain, apart from an offer of interesting foreign performers, remains – the well-known Club Night. This time again, it will burst out on the day before the festival starts – on Thursday June 22nd, and its program will resound ten stages in Prague.

One of the most insidious words on the Czech music scene has recently been the term “showcase”. It defines a performance of fresh and not yet known hopes, artists who stand out and which the organizers deliberately bet on in belief they are able to reach out a broader spectrum of listeners. Only a few people realize that the United Islands of Prague´s Club Night has been fulfilling this intention for several years.

And this year will be no exception.

Artists of many genres, from pop and electronics to rock and songwriters, will introduce themselves in both the well-established and the emerging music clubs and naturally, this time again with a free entrance for everybody. All you have to do is discover and enjoy yourself.

For example, the popular Jazz Dock will introduce Blastersex, an electro-soul project headed by Mariana Wesley (ex Prague Ska Conspiracy). Visitors can also enjoy the Western European ever-growing concept of Sofar Sounds Prague. It offers two hours of a so-called secret show which the music fans attend not knowing what they came for.

In Palace Akropolis, Bratři, real twin brothers Jiří and Ondřej who love dance music and can whoop it up live, will pump their electronic dance beats. They will be assisted by DJ Makarov. Rock Café will present a wild glam rock of The Drain or the pop-rockers Bros’n’Beasts with their charismatic American front man.

Kobka 15 at the Smichov riverside will feature not only a great pop hope, the foreign seasoned busker Tomáš Boček, but also one of the most prestigious domestic guitar players Acute Dose.

And so it could be continued: Club 007 in Strahov will host the dark and noisy Edith, Futurum will introduce the rock decadents Smrtislav, Café Záhorský will treat the fragile pianist Bára Zmeková, and Coming Soon will present twins with beautiful voices Simona and Denisa aka 20 minutes.

Complete program of the Club Night can be found on the festival’s website: http://2017.unitedislands.cz/program/?d=ctvrtek

The program of the United Islands of Prague starts on Friday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. at the Karlin Square.

Line-up, all further details and information about this year are available at: http://2017.unitedislands.cz/