Bratři Orffové (CZ)

This ensemble from Krnov headed by a singer Ivan Gajdoš and a guitarist Lukáš Novotný is often referred to as one of the most distinctive representatives of domestic folkotronics, while the members themselves prefer to speak of themselves as “the folk for the new millennium”. Both the debut album named Bingriwingri and the record called Shroud released later have become an event, a kind of a soundtrack to the present-day Sudetenland. Their song named Na Hadím Ocase also appeared as a title track in the movie Kobry a užovky. After the release of their second album (which received the Apollo award and the Czech Music Award as the Czech Album of the Year), the band paused for a while, retired slightly, and even after returning to the stage, they are concerting only a little, so this performance will be a little feast for their fans.