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United Islands are sailing to Karlin

The festival United Islands of Prague is about to make the most significant move in its history. This year and for the first time, it will connect with Karlin municipal district, which will simultaneously celebrate the 200th anniversary of its foundation. Therefore, all stages will move from the historical center of Prague to Karlin on 23-24 June. The festival will also host the 25th anniversary celebration of the humanitarian organization People in Need.

“Program of the 2017 United Islands not only introduces the most interesting discoveries of the European music scene and so returns to its roots. It also features many foreign artists who have performed at various world festivals for rising talents such as The Great Escape (GB) or Eurosonic (NL). We believe that both the Czech and the international audience will be impressed,” says Barbora Šubrtová, the Head of Program.

The core of this year´s program are the Portuguese, dance-provoking Throes + The Shine, a special set of well-known Prague optimists The Tap Tap, the swift yet dreamy guitars of Farewell Dear Ghost from Austria, an original combination of jazz and pop of Tamir Grinberg from Israel, a steadily rising star among Czech songwriters, the fresh holder of two Czech Music Awards 2016 and this year´s discovery – Thom Artway, or a fragile and charming down-temp of the Romanian Next Ex. These acts will be accompanied by several dozens of other, emerging as well as well-known names of both the domestic and European production. Rich accompanying program included.

The acts will perform directly on the Karlin Square, in the vicinity of the famous St. Cyril and Methodius Church, near the Křižíkova Metro Station, in the Kaizel Gardens, in the garden of the Czech Radio Regina DAB Prague as well as on the Rohan Island, where ČT Art Stage and Radio 1 Stage will be located. The stages will be linked by corsets with stands and other activities which will revive the area of the district, today somewhat unfairly considered as primarily clerical. The festival events will be connected with the celebrations organized by the Karlin 200 society. They recall that the today’s city district was founded on June 23, 1817, when the Emperor Franz I. confirmed the foundation of this first Prague suburb, named in honor of his wife Karolina Augusta: Karolinenthal.

Main program of the Karlin’s celebrations will begin on Friday, June 23, 2017 at 3 pm with stowage of a next-generation time slot.

On Saturday, June 24, 2017 from 1 pm, it will offer program for children and their parents, concert in the St. Cyril and Methodius Church, theater and music outputs, craft workshops, show of Praga historical cars mounted in Karlin, birthday neighbor board and other surprises. At 3 pm, festive procession will start out from Karlin Square and so will open the Saturday´s program of the 2017 United Islands of Prague.

As in the previous years, the festival will be preceded by a Club Night on the 22nd of June which will introduce fresh names and discoveries of the Czech music scene on the stages of Club Futurum, Rock Café, Jazz Dock, 007 Strahov, Palac Akropolis, Potrvá, and many other clubs.

This year, the accompanying program will be named United Continents.

In the motion section, visitors will be able to try sports from different continents, such as the African Mancala, the Asian Sepak takraw, the American softball, the Chinese jianzi, the Portuguese petanque-like jogo de malha or the Australian cricket.

In cooperation with the Memorial of Silence, the Rohan Island will present a painting of the Carton Cajon drum-carts. It will invite the visitors to an alternative scene at the Prague – Bubny Train Station. The painting will then be transformed into instruments of a rhythmical happening connecting visitors and professional musicians.

The “NGO Square” will contain stalls of those who address human rights issues, social issues, education issues and help for people with disabilities. The element crew will offer workshops of break dance, lokking, poping and other dances. The festival will also have its relaxation zone, a varied children’s program and services for their mums.

The festival will also host a “birthday” celebration of one of the most famous humanitarian organizations in our country. “The organization People in Need celebrates not only its 25th anniversary, but above all those who help others. We appreciate all donors and generous people and we thank them for changing the world for the better with us. We want to emphasize that help of any kind – even just that you help someone with a heavy bag – makes sense. We want to dedicate our anniversary to all generous people,” says Tomáš Vyhnálek from People in Need.

United Islands of Prague brings revival to Prague’s cultural life and contributes to the reputation of Prague as one of the leading cultural centers of Central Europe. Based on the decision of the Prague City Council, it has become one of the seven most important Prague events of 2017.

Thanks to its unique dramaturgy combining traditional and contemporary music from all over Europe, this year the festival received the EFFE – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe award for the years of 2017-2018.

This year, the festival is held with the support of the Prague City Council and the districts of Prague 1, Prague 5, Prague 6 and Prague 8.

“The festival United Islands of Prague traditionally enriches both the musical and cultural scene in Prague at the beginning of summer. Over the years of its existence, the “United Islands” has confirmed with its program that it is one of the largest festival events of its kind in Prague. Given this, the City of Prague ranked the festival among seven major events that get significant and continuous support from the City. I am sure that this year again, the three festival days are long and busy enough for every visitor to choose a genre or performer of their heart, but also to enjoy the beauty of Prague in June,” said Jan Wolf, the City Councilor for culture, monument care, exhibitions, tourism and national minorities.

“I am very pleased that this year’s United Islands of Prague will take place in Prague 8 – Karlin. This one weekend will sound Karlin up with the music of all genres and styles and at the same time, we will celebrate its 200th birthday,” says Jana Solomonová, Councilor of Prague 8 for culture, sports, leisure time and elderly.

The festival is being held under the auspices of the Mayor of the City of Prague, Adriana Krnáčová, the City Councilor for culture, monument care, exhibitions, tourism and national minorities, Jan Wolf, the Deputy Mayor, Petr Dolínek, and the Councilor of Prague 8 for culture, sports, leisure time and elderly, Jana Solomonová.


The general media partner is Česká televize (Czech Television) and the main media partner is Český rozhlas (Czech Radio).

The media partners are Radio 1, Radio Beat, Deník and Headliner.

The entry to the 2017 United Islands of Prague is free again thanks to the support of our partners. We would like to thank to the following companies and partners:

Krušovice Royal brewery
Prague Public Transport Company (official carrier)
State Agricultural Intervention Fund (KLASA)
Pražská plynárenská
Karlin Group
Tchibo Mazagrande
Costa Coffee
AFI Europe Czech Republic s.r.o.
Sekyra Group
State Fund of Culture in the CR
OSA – The Union for the Protection of Authorship
Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Prague
Romanian Cultural Institute in Prague
Portuguese Center in Prague
Embassy of the State of Israel in the CR
Slovak Institute in Prague
Representative of the Flemish Government in the CR
Polish Institute in Prague
Life of the Artist Foundation