Burian – Bohemia (CZ)

The project of Bohemia was born in the head of Jiří Burian (Republic of Two, Emma Smetana), who approached not only Zdeněk Svěrák but also musicians from bands of many genres, including colleagues from Priessnitz and Tata Bojs, and together, they recorded atypical adaptations of famous folk songs. For example, The Blue-eyed Girl or The Dove of the Rock. It was meant to be a one-time affair only. But then one song happened to become a whole album and an audiovisual project at once. “I did not want the album to sound like folklore. That’s what it’s the most specific about it,” said the author himself. At this year’s United Islands, the authors will return back to their project with a duel of a kind taking place right on the stage. Each song will be performed first in a traditional rendition of a dulcimer band and then in the modified arrangement as appeared on the project´s album.