Podniprovjah Sound Soldier (UA)

Podniprovjah Sound Soldier (P.S.S.) has been founded in Zaporizhya, Ukraine in 2016 by former (and active) members of various local bands with more than 10 years of stage experience each. P.S.S. members have aggregated the style gradations of their previous projects into a new eclectic and started digging towards the direction of an alternative experimental electronics combined with hip hop and neo-folk components. Every song of the band tells a story of a reincarnated voodoo priest, whose spirit is tripping around a smoggy urbanistic city and looking for it's path to the light through the emptiness. The musicians are mixing powerful rhythms with psychedelic keyboards and ethnic sounds dressing, which sometimes float on the edge between krautrock, grime and deep house. Currently, P.S.S. members are working hard on their debut LP, however, the band already appeared on the radars of musical weirdos from Ukraine and Europe.


Sasha Prytkov – drums, programming, sound design
Kostia Kuksin – keyboards, vocals, orchestration
Vova Bilous – keyboards, sound fx
Taras Bilka – vocals, lyrics, didgeridoo, flutes, jaw harp

Songs: https://soundcloud.com/user-537483943- 57517745