Fil Bo Riva (IT/DE)

Rome, Dublin and Berlin. As a half Italian, he grew up in the suburbs of Rome, spent his youth studying in Ireland, but then he came to visit the capital of Germany – and he stayed there. He got charmed by Pete Doherty. In the winter of 2014, he left college, started playing on the streets, and as he himself says, “became addicted to music.” Then he met a guitarist Felix A. Remm and a producer Robert Stephenson, and went straight from the streets to a studio to record his first EP with a distinctive title If You’re Right, It’s Alright. And with melancholic songs that float between folk and soul. Fil Bo Riva is not just a guy with a guitar. He is like an escape from reality in the rational world of senses. And he perfectly transforms all the colours of life into feelings – and feelings into his songs.